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Men's health

Men's Health Services at BMC Camberwell

Health care and screening designed to target the specific needs of men.

The life expectancy of Australian men is 79 compared with 84 for Australian women. The four most common causes of death and illness in men are heart disease, cancer (including lung, skin, prostate and bowel cancers), accidents (car, bike and household accidents) and lung disease such as emphysema. Our GPs recognise prevention is vital to improving men’s health outcomes particularly as men tend to attend doctors less frequently than women.

Our GPs aim to encourage male patients to return for regular check ups, learn about the risks they face, and what the patient can do about them. At BMC Camberwell, our GPs’ aim to help you take control of your health particularly as many health issues that men face, can be prevented with some lifestyle changes, awareness of risks and early screening.  Services provided by our GPs include:

Prostate care.
Cardiovascular disease prevention and management.
Erectile dysfunction.
Smoke cessation.
Alcohol issues.
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